How Much Money You Make Blogging: Month 1

So there you are, wanting to start a blog. Congratulations! Boy, oh boy do I have a good article for you today. This article you read here is something you will have difficulty finding out in the wild. My blog/ website that you landed on is very unique in the way that it is organized, coded, and scheduled. The dream of most bloggers is to make passive income doing what they want, writing about what they want, and creating content when they want to do it. So, just for fun, I decided that I would create a blog that reflected exactly that.

My blog talks about my experiences in the book publishing world and the lessons that I have learned throughout. I write when I have time. I write about what’s on my mind for that day. I had no idea how to make a website when starting. I try to optimize my book publications with keywords, but not my blog. Literally everything you see around you on this site was from scratch with no knowledge on how to set it up. This sounds like how a lot of bloggers start, right? So the question rears it’s head. How much can you expect to make on month number one? Let me walk you through my experience.

Right away, I had no idea what I was doing. Heck, I still don’t, however, I was excited to be doing it. I wrote about tons of random stuff. There was financial advice, life advice, publisher advice, you name it! I had some views on the website, but not very many. Maybe, like, a handful a day? Traffic primarily came from my Twitter and Facebook pages which were also new at the time. There were very few organic searches for my content. For approximately 2/3rd’s of the month I watched my Google Adsense remain at $0.00. It makes sense though why the royalties were like that. Why would anyone want to spend money on a website that is obviously new with basically zero traffic. All of a sudden, it happened. I made $0.01!! I had never been so excited to make one cent in my life. I even tweeted about it with a screen shot (not too many were impressed, but heck, I was!). I was finally rolling in the cash. For the remaining third of the month I would average about one cent a day. Some days I would make like three cents, the other days I would make zero.

Also, If you are curious to see what my website looks like and pretty much has looked like since I started it follow this like here. That should explain the amount of posting and the number/ words used. Like seriously you should check it out for research reasons.

Are you ready for the grand total that you can expect to make month #1 knowing what you know about me now? Remember, this information is from my experience based on the criteria listed above. $0.17. That’s right let it soak it. If I had a dime, a nickle, and two pennies, I’d have exactly what I made for my first month of blogging.

Do not let this number get you down. I can assure you, I made more month #2 just doing the same thing. How much more? Click the link below to find out!

Blogging Month Two


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