How Much You Make Blogging Month 2

You have month number one under your belt and now you are working on month number two. Congrats! These are tough months for some individuals. Like I said in my “How Much You Make Blogging Month 1” article, this information you read here is something you will have difficulty finding out in the wild. My blog/ website that you landed on is very unique in the way that it is organized, coded, and scheduled. The dream of most bloggers is to make passive income doing what they want, writing about what they want, and creating content when they want to do it. So, just for fun, I decided that I would create a blog that reflected exactly that. If are curious in the content month to month follow this link. At the time of this posting there will be a calendar that can be interacted with. Check it out!

Month number two was exponentially interesting to me and I could see how a lot of people could have the same experience that I had. I was very consistent making blog posts with month number one. For the most part, I had a new post every day with a few exceptions. Now for month number two, I had significantly less time to work with. This was especially true with the Christmas season in the works. First and foremost, I am a book publisher. I have book publishing to do. This also really put this blog to the test. I was beginning to notice trends in the analytics data, as I was also becoming more and more confident in the way I posted information and pictures. Go through the history of my posting and you will visibly see this.

Now onto the question at hand. How much does one make blogging month number two? What if I was to tell you that I increased my profits from month number one to month number two by 1400%? Sounds pretty good right? That is exactly the mindset you need to have when looking at these numbers.

Remember how much I made from month number one? Get ready, here comes the big number! I made $2.47 from month number two, and I am still absolutely ecstatic about it. Yes, I know that it is a pretty large amount of cash. With that amount maybe I could go to the grocery store and pick up a soda. That is missing the point though. Remember, 1400% increase. There is some serious potential with percentage increases like that. As this blog grows in size, as does the traffic to it. We have no where to go but up. If you liked that, get ready for month number three! It might just blow your mind.


Are my numbers off according to your experience? How so? I would love if you shared your story with me in the comments down below or on my social media!

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