Five Most Curious Writer Work Spaces

I personally find it fascinating what professionals in the writing field/ community find to be the best work spaces. Everyone operates differently in this area of expertise. I find that when I am out exercising or running on our city bike path that I come up with some of my most interesting ideas. However, when I come back to the quiet of my home office the heavy work begins. With that in mind, I began to wonder what makes others tick. What environments are best suited for the creative mind. Below I complied a list of my favorite five famous writer work spaces for your enjoyment (and maybe inspiration). 

  1. We’ll start off with a good one! Agatha Christie: Some find it relaxing to soak in a bath. Some find it relaxing to snack on some food. Agatha Christie took this to a whole new level. During the renovation of her mansion she made some very special demands. Agatha cornered her architect and demanded that she have a large Victorian tub. Not just any Victorian tub mind you, one with a nice ledge so that she could eat apples and work in peace. 
  2. Dame Edith Sitwell: When relaxing or trying to find inspiration, do you ever just chill on a couch or bed? Have you ever considered replacing those options with a coffin? That’s right, you heard me correctly. Dame found her inspiration in the confines of her personal thinking coffin. There was just something about the tight space that allowed her creative thinking. 
  3. Maybe you are one of those that enjoys the feeling of riding around in the car? That is what Gertrude Stein also thought. While out and about, Gertrude would stay in her vehicle (Model T Ford) to utilize that pen and paper. Her partner would be happily running errands while Gertrude would happily write. Everyone wins. 
  4. Are you a Benjamin Franklin fan? Great! Benjamin enjoyed what he called, “Tonic Baths” while he worked. What is a tonic bath you ask? Well, it is not much like #1. A tonic bath for Benjamin was standing/ working naked in his bedroom. Nothing quite like the fresh open air up to an hour each day. Refreshing. Especially in front of a window!
  5. Finally number five. I personally enjoy the quiet of my office like I stated in the beginning paragraph. However, I have not corked my walls like  Marcel Proust. Marcel enjoyed writing at night, however the streets were beginning to get a little too noisy for his liking when trying to sleep during the day. Marcel lined his walls with cork to dampen the sound. I bet his room was nice and quiet after that!

What is your quirky work space like? What makes you original and fun? Let me know in the comments down below or on my social media! 


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