How to Set Up Easy WP For Advertisements

Maybe if you have visited my site over the past couple days you noticed my unobtrusive advertisements that are now solidified on the pages. If not, welcome! Ad-mire (ha! ad pun) the sites and great content complimented by these funny little boxes. I’ll tell you what, it was a pain in the butt learning how to place ads on an Easy WP site. The main problem I had was that there was no easy way to get to the website’s code. If you’re anything like me, no coding background, no previous website creation background, you’ll probably find doing this a difficult task since you need to directly place code from other websites into your own. Breathe easy young one, follow along and I will tell you how I worked around this. (REMEMBER) Make sure that you have your Easy WP site already created and ready to go. It is also important that you have been posting to and using your website. Part of the authentication process includes an analysis of the amount of website content. Remember, I am not getting paid for mentioning any of these companies. This is literally the easiest way to do this.

  1. If you’re you’re doing this for the first time I highly recommend using Google AdSense. Create an account with them and give them your website details. This is super easy to do. A few short questions later, you will end up on a screen that gives you some scary looking code. Take a deep breath, we will come back to this later.
  2. Since there is no easy way to access the code on Easy WP we will need a plug-in that allows us to do this. Go to this tab on your dashboard 
  3. on the top there is a “search plug-ins” search bar. Type in “Ad Inserter” and install the plug-in. 
  4. After the plug-in is installed you need to make sure that it is activated. Click the “Plugins” tab again on the left hand side, then again on the “installed plugins” drop down menu. Make sure what’s circled in the picture says, “deactivate” -meaning it’s already active. If it does not say this, click it to make it so.
  5. In that same picture next to the word “deactivate” there is the word “settings”. Click the word settings.
  6. Click the tab circled in the above image. After clicking that tab there will be new tabs that pop up underneath it. Click the “header” tab the appears.
  7. Remember that code that Google Adsense gave you earlier? Go back to that code, highlight all of the code it gives you with your mouse, and copy it.
  8. Go back to the “header” tab mentioned in #8. Right click in the big black box and paste all that code.
  9. Alright, you’re half way there. Make sure #1 in the picture above is green. If not, click it to make it so. After it is green, click the save settings button in #2 in the picture above.
  10. Go back to your Google Adsense page and complete the instructions it gives you.
  11. Now you wait until Google Adsense verifies your website. It says on the Google Adsense screen that it could take a couple hours or a couple days. This waiting part took me a couple weeks. Be patient. It’s not broken. Sometimes this takes time. The first time I did this, I did not have enough content on my brand new website. I posted for a couple days, which solved the problem.
  12. After you have been verified, Google will congratulate you and give you one more piece of code for you to place. Same as before, copy that new code just like in step #9.
  13. Go back to the tab in image #7 listed above, then click the “header” tab in step #8. There will already be the code you placed before in that black box. Click at the end of the old code, enter once, then place the new code under the old code.
  14. Repeat step #12- basically just making sure the code is active (green light) and everything is saved.
  15. Again, go to Google Adsense and finalize the steps it give you. Through Google Adsense, set up the way you want the ads to be presented on your site. This will be your personal preference.
  16. After you finish the next steps there is another waiting period. This waiting period is for the ads to actually appear. This waiting period took me 24 hours. Could be shorter for you. Could be longer for you. Patience- Just like in step #14.
  17.  Congratulations! You’ve successfully placed ads on your Easy WP website! Twenty short steps? Psssh, that was nothing. Let me know what you think in the comments down below or on my social media.


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