One Of The Best Ways to Explain Your Vision

Writers, artists, and just generalized creative workers have got a tough job. To take a client’s vision that they have in their head and materialize it into real life, the way that the client sees it, takes some serious talent. When I work with professionals like this, I understand what it takes to convert the vision. All the time that gets sunk into a project only for it to be changed or turned down can be disheartening sometimes. Many times over I have heard about those horror clients that just never seem to be happy with the way things turn out. After re-doing certain images or re-rewriting excerpts over and over again challenges one’s patience. Trust me, I get it.

No worries, there is hope! The one thing that I have found that solves many of these problems is, are you ready for this? Images. Lots and lots of example images. This also includes lots and lots of example videos. People in these fields, including my own, are very visual individuals. They say that an image is worth a thousand words. When explaining an idea or a concept send pictures or videos that more vividly explain what you are trying to get at. This goes both ways. I know for certain that people understand when I get sent media back. In my current book that is in the process of creation, I have sent out countless videos and pictures. I just have to say that everyone is bringing the vision together exactly how I hoped they would. The pictures and videos, I feel, act as a solid foundation for a project. Something that everyone can reference back to with those tiny questions that pop up constantly. What direction should the character face in the Twitter banner? How do people act in certain situations? Examples of colors and events in particular scenes. All these things and more are easily explained with these methods. This way of explaining really comes to light when you are hiring overseas. I actually wrote an article about this. Check it out here:

Three Rock Solid Tips For Hiring Freelancers From Overseas

Specifically check out tip #2. It’s a great tip. I know in my business, using images and videos like this has saved everyone many hours of headaches and frustration. Like I said before, build up that foundation of understanding before moving on. You will thank yourself later on.

What are some good ways that you help explain your vision? Are there any other frustrations that you feel could be solved by using images and videos? Let me know in the comments down below or on my social media.


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