The Purpose Of The First Draft

People get so caught up on the perfection of the first draft. Striving for that initial perfection is universal in the writing field I am sure. There are many misunderstood aspects about this. This is especially true in the horror genre. I work with brand new writers from time to time. Heck, a lot of the experienced ones suffer from this perfection too. I can tell you from experience that the writing process goes so much more smoothly when you use the first draft for this:

The first draft is used to get your story on the paper. This means that the spelling can be wrong. The grammar can be wrong. Even some of the scenes can be wrong! The beauty of the first draft is the ability to change things after it’s completion. Let me reiterate the first sentence. Get your story, and get your vision on the paper.

Some might worry that your publisher will not understand. Let me clear some of that up with what I look for -as a publisher. I divide up some of my longer projects into smaller bite sized portions. This effectively means that people hurry hurry hurry to submit portions of the manuscript to me. Everyone take a deep breath. Yes, there are some errors. You can ask any of any my ghostwriters about this. I have never brought up any little things like spelling or grammar. Yes, we sometimes discuss what direction the story is going, but that is what the first draft is for.

I saw a discussion about this topic on Twitter the other day which I felt was a little misguided. The individuals talking on this topic made the argument that everything needs to be perfect all the time and that you can not move on with the story until, “you get your house in order”. Instead of ineffectively creating argument or argument’s sake, I decided to create this article. Folks, do not get caught up getting your ideas on the paper. If you are looking for tips on the final draft, now that’s a whole different story. Click here if you are looking for three tips on that topic. Once you get the ball rolling, keep up with the momentum. Trust me, this is totally the best way to write.


These are just my personal thoughts and feeling about this subject. Do you agree with me? Maybe you feel differently? Let me know in the comments down below or on my social media!

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