Three Solid Ways to Avoid Burn Out

Congratulations! You are burnt out. That takes a lot of time, hard work, and commitment to achieve. All those hours at the office, endless overtime, and late nights have finally caught up with you. Now if you are not careful, you’ll end up making rash unnecessary drastic decisions. We have covered some of the warning signs in my previous post. You can find that post here Let us address the elephant in the room now. What can we do about burn out? Here are three tips to help resolve burn out. Let’s start with an easy one.

  1. Do you have a hobby? Maybe you need to find one if you do not. Preferably one that involves exercise. I like to go to the gym. Nothing helps me get through the day quite like working up a good sweat. Heck, I even wrote an article about that back in the day. That does not have to be your hobby though. What helps you switch off in a healthy way? Reading? Wood working? Bird watching? You get the idea. Find some time for those things regularly. This itself will drastically help with burnout.
  2. Here is a difficult question for you. Are you getting all your recommended food groups? No, you can’t just eat a slice of pizza every day and feel 100%. A lot of people are nutrient deficient in several things leading to irregular hormone imbalances among other medical problems from strange eating habits. As someone who travels a lot, I get that it is hard to find good food to eat on the go and under a tight schedule. Preparation preparation preparation. That one day out of the week that you have a couple hours off, there is not better investment than making some meals for yourself. That vending machine candy will no do anymore.
  3. Are you getting enough sleep? No? You thought that eating wrong caused many medical problems. There are just as many medical problems from not getting enough sleep as there are from not eating right. I personally have a problem with this one right here. I feel like a grandpa going to bed so early, but I love waking up refreshed and ready to go. Being an early bird is certainly beneficial. The gym is wide open, its quiet at home, and the traffic is more manageable. Everyone’s amount of sleep needed to recharge the battery is a little different, but definitely get as many hours as your body tells you it needs. It will be hard at first, but certainly worth it.

What’s your advice for burn out? Can you think of any more that you personally find beneficial? Let me know in the comments down below or on my social media!

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