Practical Ways to Free Up Time for Building a Business

I was recently asked by a professional and leader in the field, Nathan Hirsch on Twitter ( about ways that I feel are best to free up a little time during the day. Anyone who has read any of my previous blog posts knows that I am a story teller. What better way to answer this question than to talk about my own story.

I used to have crazy working hours as a fire fighter. We would work seventy two hours in the week (three total days). On top of that I picked up a nine to five job for all of my days that I was not working. I had to stay ahead of my student loan debt you see. (More about how I feel about that here)

As I worked all those hours, I daydreamed about the future. What could I do to free up some time? How could I position myself so that I could maybe start up my own business? First thing’s first. Here was my biggest wall blocking success. I was trading too many of my hours for money. Unfortunately for me, this meant I needed to find a different job. At the time my hours were so crazy that there was no possibility of me doing anything for myself. I am sure a lot of you can relate to working too many hours. Now now, don’t go out there and just quit your job, dearest reader. This next part takes time and a lot of researching. Many months of internet browsing and networking were done to position myself where I needed to be in order to start fulfilling my own dreams. Finally I found it! The perfect job where I could bring in a steady paycheck and start my own business at the same time. Taking this new job freed up many days each week to progress my business at the small cost of driving outside of town. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘I can’t just quit my job.’ You’re right, don’t do that. Things may not line up perfectly at first. There’s never been a more perfect time to work towards it. There are a few simple, practical ways I’ve found to free up some time to dedicate toward my future in the midst of my otherwise crazy, hectic schedule. Things like: make a to do list each day, delegate, get more sleep, wake up early, and the list continues into the infinity. This is truly something that I could talk all day about. I might even have to explore this topic further in the future. So thank you for the question Nathan. This was a fun article to write!


So what do you think are some of the best ways to free up your time? Tell me about it on my social media or comments below!

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