How to Stick Out of The Crowd When Advertising

There I was yesterday, on a stair climber about 2000 steps into my workout staring out the front window of the workout facility. More on that here: It was beautiful outside at a crisp 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun was shining. There was a light wind coming from with East. All of a sudden, something caught my eye. Something that I had never seen before. Walking on the sidewalk was an approximately 30 year old gal skipping happily towards the West. What ZHanny? You’ve never seen a girl before? To which I respond, “Awh, ya got me!” I’m just joking around, but this gal reminded me of something very important in business. This happy girl was wearing bright yellow and black cheetah ears, zebra leggings, and bright rainbow clothes. Everyone was staring at her, and she loved every second of it. It was clear that she was trying to stick out of the crowd. As she continued to merrily skip onward handing out what looked like business cards as she went, I noticed a large logo on the back of her clothes and words underneath. She was successfully advertising for her business and products. She grabbed my attention and everyone else’s just by walking down the street. I couldn’t help but appreciate the genius and guts of this lady. Now what’s the lesson you ask? No no, you don’t have to go home and find your zebra leggings and cheetah ears, that is unless you want to. There’s a bigger lesson here. In advertising, you need to stick out of the crowd. Imagine walking through the grocery store. There are thousands of items on the shelves yet you only grab a few things. Why? What about those items grabbed your attention? I know in the kindle publishing business, grabbing people’s attention is one of the most important things that you can do when designing a cover image. In fact, that’s how most will decide to buy the book in the first place. Seeing that lady, for me, was a great reminder of what it takes sometimes to stand out. No you do not have to start skipping down the street, but the idea is so practical and transferable to many aspects of business.


How do you advertise for your business? Do you enjoy the traditional route or do you don the animal ears? What are ways that you try to stick out from all the others in your field? Let me know in the comments below or social media links.

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