Instant Gratification. The Best Way to Ruin a Life

Anybody who is a publisher, author, or artist knows all about delayed gratification. Comparatively to other fields, this stuff takes some time. As of right now, I’m concentrating on the horror fiction field. The writing process takes some quality effort if you want it to come out as creatively as it can. While I’m writing or the author is writing, the artist is working on the cover and advertising images. An editor is reviewing the work that’s been done. This type of stuff doesn’t happen over night on the small scale like me.

However, when everything is brought together in the same place, when all the elements are put together in one package, the result is something beautiful. You can stand back, look at the product, and say, “we worked together and created that!”. That’s the power of delayed gratification. Here’s a fun article I wrote in the past about the topic

I’ve found through observing in everyday life that not everyone can perform or endure the tasks required for delayed gratification. In this day and age most are used to instant results. Look at social media and advertising or example. I was watching Youtube yesterday and all the ads were something along the lines of, “If you give me fifteen seconds I’ll show you how to instantly trade A for B!” I would imagine that if more people concentrated on more on planning for the future instead of wanting something right now the world today would look like a very different place. Look at the percentage of people who drive vehicles or own homes they can not afford. Look at the amount of people with huge credit card debt. You get the idea. Somewhere along the way the lessons get lost growing up. This is especially true if you find yourself trying to compare yourself to others. Some instant gratification is okay in small amounts, but you will want to wire your brain to enjoy the process of waiting for the big prize. Trust me, waiting for the big stuff is a much sweeter reward. You might even thank yourself in the future.


Did you save up for anything when you were little? What’s your end goal that you are working towards right now? Let me know in the comments below or on my social media!

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