Three Tips For Publishers to Keep Your Team Happy

I know that I personally understand the frustration that comes on the writer’s end when it comes to getting your baby, getting your hard work, and getting that extension of yourself out into the world. You put a lot of effort and hours of your life into that little masterpiece! Unfortunately sometimes it boils down to what people are looking for when purchasing a book. I have written several article in the series of “three tips” like the three tips for hiring overseas, three book ruining ways to interact with your publisher, and everyone’s favorite three shocking tips on hiring/ working with your artist. Today I present to you three tips on keeping your writers happy. Let’s just jump right into #1:

  1. Explain what you are doing and why you are doing it. A lot of writer’s are brand new and do not understand what is going on behind the scenes. Here’s a good example: Yes, I’ll admit your book title that you chose is awesome! There is no denying that. However there is competition for every word used in the internet world. I want your book to thrive and get out there to the people! With those chosen words, the poor little thing will not be able to keep it’s head above the water in the vast sea of those same words. There are reasons why we do what we do. That is just one example. Explain what’s up. Writer’s are a smart lot. He/ she will understand. 
  2. Let your writers in on some exclusive material if you are comfortable with it and trust them not to leak information. They love to see their baby come to life! Here’s an example of that: I got some concept art the other day and, since my writer was doing so well, sent some of it his way to look through for fun. He was pleasantly amused! He’s happy, I’m happy, ZHanny Publishing is happy. 
  3. Some books do well, and some flop. Be thankful either way. If the book the writer helped with does well enough, do not be stingy with your earned money! Send them a bonus for being part of the process! Not only does this say, “thank you!” to the team, but it helps keep those bridges open for future collaboration. 

Keeping your writer’s and team happy is a vital part of the publishing process. No, we can’t grant every request but I will certainly do what I can. I can tell you from personal experience that it pays off in the end. 


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