Life Changing Solution to Chronic Complaining

Quite literally, the first thing I thought of when I wrote that title was, “ZHanny, your readers are going to think that you are going to complain about complaining!” (Complaining-ception) Jokes aside, I see your point of view. Allow me to use this opportunity to educate and help solve the problem instead of escalate it. I’m all fired up today for your viewing pleasure. If you have read any of my previous blog posts, I’m sure you’ve realized that I’m a do-er and a fixer. It should come as no surprise then that I feel like one of the big problems this day and age is a lack of personal responsibility and learning from past mistakes. We all have those one, two, or ten acquaintances that are a victim of the system. There’s nothing that they can do and there’s nothing that you can say that will change that. “The credit card interest rate tricked me!”. “My boss has it out for me!”. “The government put me in this position!”. “Our employee turn over rate is very high. I wish all the other managers would get their crap together.” There’s a few vitally important things missing from those above statements. In fact, the three big ones that come to my mind right now are 1. an attempt to solve the problem, 2. a moment of self reflection, and 3. the other person’s point of view. When listening to people like that, normally you never hear those three things. It’s always the other person’s fault and that individual needs to change. It saddens me to to realize that most of the people who read this article are the fixers and solvers of the world due to the fact that complainers do not think there is a problem. Why would they search this article out or click on it while scrolling in the first place? Unfortunately with complainers the cause is normally a much deeper problem that quick fix approaches can’t solve. An issue that is impossible for one tiny blog to fully cover. If you feel that you’re a complainer, and you’ve landed here, I would just like to congratulate you for finding this article. The first step to fixing the problem is realizing there is one and learning how to take care of it. Good job! To start fixing the root of the problem I invite you to learn how to see things from more than one perspective. This is easy to say and hard to do. It’s something that I personally try to work on and strive to achieve every day. This is a constant struggle for all of us and a life long learning experience. Some of the most rewarding things in life are the fruit of successfully implementing this practice. Something truly worth working toward.


How do you feel about the art of chronic complaining? What are your solutions to the problem? Let me know in the comments below or on my social media!

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