Overcoming The Fear of Starting

Yesterday I finished off my article with the phrase, “life’s too short”. This phrase really resonates with me. You can find that article here: https://zhannypublishing.com/fastskilllearning/. Basically what the last couple sentences said was that people need to put their best foot forward and just start. But how do we do that when it is much easier said than done? Believe it or not, I had a huge fear of starting ZHanny Publishing. In the back of my mind I thought things like, “where do I even begin?”, “what if people don’t like me?”, or even “am I good enough?”. I’m confident when I say that we all have thought like this about different things at some point. The question arises then. What can we do to overcome our fear of starting something new? Imagine with me, if you would, a warrior fighting a dragon. In my article “Sometimes You Just Need a Quiet Place to Think” I found this awesome image that I feel represents the universal battle of overcoming the big obstacles. Before you read on, check out the image so you know what I am talking about. https://zhannypublishing.com/sometimes-you-just-need-a-quiet-place-to-think/

Did you take a look? Good. Let’s continue. How would you defeat the dragon in the picture? Would you run right into battle? Would you call all your friends and poke the dragon from all sides? The beauty of this analogy, is that there is no right answer but certainly some very wrong answers. There are multiple ways to attack it and successfully bring it down. Here’s what I would do to attack the dragon. Since I am not an experienced dragon slayer, I would observe the beast for awhile and devise what the first steps would be to take it down. Maybe I’ll take away it’s food source. Maybe I’ll find out when it sleeps. After figuring out step one, I’ll start working on and acting on these small goals. Each goal is it’s own major accomplishment. It is much easier to build up several smaller goals with a higher likelihood of success and still be able to act on it than take your chances by running straight up to it basically offering yourself as a sacrifice. I have found that the fear of starting something is very much so the same way as the above analogy. Writing a whole book in one night is daunting. Writing a few thousand words per day over a period of time is much easier to convince yourself to do. The ZHanny advice for the day you ask? Divide up those big goals into smaller goals. It is much easier to act on the smaller goals than to attack one big goal all at once. In my previous article I talked about how I learn the best by doing. Dividing up the big goals is the trick to the trade. You can achieve anything with the above method and mindset. Stay consistent my friends. You can defeat that dragon with the right tact.


I love hearing success stories. If you’ve achieved something amazing in your life by using this tactic leave a comment down below or let me know on my social media. It inspires me and others. I look forward to hearing from you!

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