The Passive Income Lie Everyone Believes

So I have been doing this passive income thing for awhile now and there is one major thing that I learned regarding the subject matter. Do a quick search on the internet for passive income ideas. Go ahead now, don’t be shy. What did you find? I’ll tell you what I found all that time ago now. Everyone holds “passive income” on a pedestal saying how easy it was to set up and how nice it is to do basically no work. The life of getting that sweet sweet paycheck day after day. They like to play off the mentality of instant gratification. (You should check out that last link. It’s great!)

What’s the honest truth about passive income though? Are you ready for the answer? As someone who works a full time job on top of my passive income streams I can tell you from experience that you’ll never be a busier person setting it all up. Not to mention, it’s for an unknown amount of time until it starts to generate some real revenue. I always have a lengthy to-do list every day. That’s even on the days that I work all the jobs. There is always something to think about and always problem solving going on.

Here’s the kicker though. It’s not all bad though. Here me out on this: If you pick something that you enjoy to do, it does not feel like work. I find that I will start at the top of my to do list early in the morning while the sun rises. All of a sudden, the day is gone! It’s easy to lose track of time, which is a good sign that you are doing something that you love. Last night I was reading through a submission from one of my ghost writers. I looked back up at the clock and found that hours had passed!

So what is the take away from all of this? When stepping into the world of your “passive income” idea, be ready for more work than you’ve ever had before in your life. This stuff is challenging. You’ll encounter problems that you have never had before. You’ll have those ups and those downs. You will be learning new skills and ideas not just every day, but more like every hour. It is so important that you actually enjoy the work that you are doing. This changes the monotonous into passion.

Not everyone knows exactly what they are passionate about. I tried so many things before publishing and blogging that just did not turn out. Here’s more advice for you if you feel like you are in those shoes. A bonus tip if you will. Try to do something new every day that pushes you out of the comfort zone. This mentality is certainly attributable to the last paragraph in this article: The One Skill To Achieve Anything The more things you try, the more opportunity there will be for more passions to stick or be discovered. I have found that there are so many wonderful things out there in the world that I would have never otherwise found if I was not constantly dappling out of my comfort zone. Try it! You’ll be surprised what you enjoy.


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