How to Learn From Blog Success and Failure

Oh boy, I could talk about this topic all day long. Learning from success and failure is habit that all successful people are refining throughout life and is something that people like you and I need to strive for. I already have thought of a good example of this topic. Lucky you! Over the course of this blog I have been adjusting everything from the pictures used to the way that the titles are phrased. Everything is purposeful, I can assure you. I am beginning to see trends thanks to Google Analytics and Adsense.  I invite you to look back through my posts and see how they evolved over time if you are interested in how to evolve your blog in the right direction. This is truly an example of changing criteria over time in order to find out what people enjoy reading about. I certainly have had some wins and losses.

Just the other day I put a white board up in my office so that I could write and graph out what posts did well and what posts did not. Some of the data is a little screwed since my Twitter audience is mostly made up of writers, publishers, bloggers, and artists. However, doing this gave me a good idea of what interests my current audience.

Now to turn the focus on you. Have you been experimenting with what works and what does not? It’s important to try something new each day. I invite you to start switching things up a little. You’ll be surprised at how drastically changes can be made. Try changing what is shown in your images. Entice your audience with different words used in the title. Change up the length of your posts. I have found that individuals do not like reading super long articles despite how much I like to write. Big surprise, huh? There is certainly a sweet spot in between all the previously listed extremes. It’s all about learning something new every day and acting to change or adjust what does not work.

What have you found that works and does not work for your web pages? I would love to swap experiences and knowledge with you! Hit me up on the comments down below or on my social media!


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