Support Groups? Cheerleaders? What’s that?

So this just happened the other day. There I was, minding my own business when out of nowhere I get asked, “so I heard you started a business awhile ago… what do you do?”. Many of us entrepreneurs know the way that this conversation goes most of the time. I told the individual about the spiderweb of things I do on a daily basis and the end goal that I was trying to achieve. So many hours have been spent educating myself, growing my social media, working on my horror books, writing my blog, so on and so forth that I get really into talking about this subject with people. What my business stands for and tries to accomplish is so different from all the traditional jobs around me, it’s hard for people to relate to and understand. I totally get it. Are you ready for the response? I bet if you’re reading this in the first place, you already know the answer. The individual says, “That’s cool. It’s a good thing you have your job to fall back on.” We all get this kind of response or have this conversation at some point in time when trying something new or different from the norm. Am I hurt from this individual’s response? Nope! I am pretty much dead to those kind of comments anymore after getting them so many times (I’m sure many of you can relate). However, when I first started trying to think outside the box, ohhhh boy, it impacted me immensely. The backlash that I got before was crazy, especially from my previous workplace. There were many a times after I graduated where I just stopped progressing the things I was doing so that people would make my work life easier again. That “new fangled internet thing” is just bad news you know? Was it their fault that I stopped? Absolutely not. It was mine. Nobody truly stopped me except myself. As entrepreneurs one of the hardest lessons we learn is that in the face of hardship we need to keep on keeping on. Yes, there is lessons to be learned along the way but take people’s word with a grain of salt. I heard this quote the other day on the job and and just have to use it. “It’s like water on a bird’s wings. Just let it bead off.” At the end of the day you can be a glass half full or a glass half empty person. Take it from your pal who wants you to win. You’ll only succeed if you are drinking from a glass half full.


Am I the only one that has experienced this or are there more of you out there? Let me know what you think in the comments below or on my social media!

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