The Power of Having Your Own Workspace

My name is ZHanny and I have a confession to make. Sometimes I use media to escape from real life. I know right? This is a big deal and I should receive treatment for it. There are some moments where I feel I could really go for  good movie and there are other moments where I feel that I could play a good video game. It’s what I think about when I am all cozy on my couch. I’m a sucker for a good story plot which unfortunately takes time away from accomplishing the work for the day. When I first started ZHanny Publishing it was me, my laptop, and the couch. Sometimes the work was on my bed, and sometimes it was on my kitchen table. Whatever was needed to get the job done. You know how start ups can be. As I progressed deeper and deeper into the business, I began to realize something about myself and my environment as I gazed out the window and saw a bluebird fly across the red and yellow afternoon sky. I get distracted easily. As my papers were laid out all over living room floor, I would look up at the television and imagine a funny scene from the movie or video game last night. When seated in the kitchen, I would stare at the calendar on my kitchen fridge and think about what supper should be. Seated on my bed, well I’d just get tired and unmotivated. All these distractions take precious time away from getting work done. Now that I’m thinking about it, this all totally makes sense. All those different environments and different thoughts/ feeling are programmed into us for those places. You are supposed to be hungry in the kitchen and you are supposed to be tired in the bed. So where does that leave running a business or getting projects done? Allow me to answer that question for you. In the designated place you set for it. My wife and I had a finished room we designated for storage and guests. The room was filled with boxes and had a twin bed stowed away in the corner. With a little maneuvering and a little cleaning, that room is now the official at home ZHanny Publishing Office space. You have no idea now much more work I get done now. I have goals that before I though would be impossible for one day’s work. Now, it’s like I have super powers to accomplish anything that I put my mind to. My advice to you? If you are looking to bring your efficiency to the next level take it from me, make a little space for your work. You do not have to always rent an office space. Heck, you don’t have to do what I did and designate a room for it. Put a folding table in a corner away from the other areas we discussed. Trust me, you will be surprised at what you can achieve.


What’s your secret to staying on track from day to day? Do you have any tips and tricks for new business owners? Let me know in the comments below or follow the links and let me know there!

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