Are You Writing In The Right Genre?

If there is one thing that I love about my full time job, it is the fact that I have the opportunity and privilege to sit down for different variations of time and talk with life experienced individuals. Everyone has a different story to tell. Different people are experienced in different areas of life. I hear stories about how people spent their life bull riding, traveling the world, raising families, managing huge companies, and an assortment of other random accomplishments. I was talking with this pleasant lady the other day who just had her 50th wedding anniversary. Now that’s a person I’d want relationship advice from as opposed to a honey-moon eyed couple who had been together for just a couple months. (I guarantee that she’d be good at writing a relationship book!) This brings us to the topic at hand:

These different life experiences bleed into our creative process whether we like to admit it or not. Different individuals have the edge on different genres if they harness what they already know and believe about the world. Successful romance writers and publishers understand their audience’s desires. Much of the time, those stories are based on real life/ experiences. Successful horror writers and publishers understand what people’s deepest rooted fears are and act on them. A good example of this is of course ZHanny Publishing. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love telling scary stories based on real experiences. I would be the one with the flashlight pointed up at his face around the camp fire waiting to jump scare you. When you read about how the protagonist peers into the darkness with his flashlight revealing a rocking chair rolling back and forth on squeaky wooden floorboard, it’s probably something the team has seen or experienced in real life. (That last example was actually from my full time job).

Now my question to you. What are you more experienced in compared to others? Do you have any passions? Sometimes you have to take a step back and ask yourself what is working and what is not. I actually wrote an article not too long ago about learning from success and failure. You should check it out! A lot of the time, the changes will only need to be small adjustments so you do more concentrating on your strengths. I talk a lot about that in the link above. Harness that inner power and experience you have and release it in your work. Trust me, it will pay off in the end.


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