Three Powerful Tips For Hiring Writers/ Freelancers

I remember hiring my first writer/ freelancer like it was yesterday. I was so nervous. Never in my life had I hired anybody. That day I was the person on the other side of the table. What did I need to have? What did I need to say? Ultimately the right person was hired for the job, however along the way there were many important lessons learned. Here are the three major ones that I came up with for you today.

  1. Have all your project information ready to go at a moment’s notice. Yes, you will be one the asking the questions to begin with. There will be a time at the end of the interview where they will ask questions back. In my experience with writers, they’re a smart group of people. Like really smart. They come up with some of the best questions from multiple perspectives. Try and think of all the aspects of the projects and write them down before starting the process. Things like deadlines, payment schedules, thorough explanation of the plot, examples of writing and video links, multiple ways to contact you, so on and so forth. Everything. Check out these links (first three tips and last three tips) There is more great related advice on hiring over there.
  2. Only interview a handful of the applicants that you feel are good candidates for the project. This first one feels silly to say, but I personally took on way more than I could chew when interviewing. Was it good experience? Yes. I interviewed people all day long looking for the right person. This, however, meant that I burnt myself out. It became a chore, and we all hate that feeling. You might feel bad not interviewing everyone, but your an entrepreneur/ leader now. These are the decisions that have to be made.
  3. Here’s the third and final bit of advice I have for you today. Have confidence in the way you present yourself and the way you speak. This is a tough one when you first start. Trust me, I understand. I have found that awesome final products are a result of confidence. You are the orchestrator of the project. Nobody else. There are some things that you can do that will help with this (like following #2) but ultimately it will be up to you. Some of the coolest projects that I have been apart of or that my team has done were a direct result of confidence all around.

So what do you think? There are a million awesome tips that could have been put in here. What are some of yours? Give me some from both perspectives in the comments below or by following the links!


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