How Long Until You Lose Your Job to Automation?

Ahh! Mass panic in the streets! The robots are taking over! No, this is not going to be one of those articles. It is, however, a topic to help spark some thought about a growing problem.

So there I was, watching a video the other day. This hair salon was switching over to robot cosmetologists. It was crazy to watch, but the robots actually did the job. Alas, another field switching to automation. The need for real people posted at their jobs is decreasing at an alarming rate. A quick look over across seas reveals that places like China and Japan are already on board with the switch. They have fully automated hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, and much more. 3D printed houses are in the beginning stages of taking over the world. Newspapers are shrinking/ becoming bankrupt. All this makes me sit down and think about how much longer I have until it’s my job is on the line. Anybody, in fact, should be thinking about this. Many in America and around the globe have been already impacted by the astounding rate of technological advances. It would not take long to find a self checkout or a Uber driver. Both are results of this rapid automation in just your area alone! Heck, self driving vehicles are just around the corner. How many jobs would that get rid of? These advances were just off the top of my head. Don’t just take my word on all these things, google it!

So let us address the issue here. Instead of moaning and complaining about this switch like so many are doing, what can people like you and I do to hedge against the difference? You and I are in an era of change. What jobs are temporarily safe? I live and work in the Midwest. There are commercials and advertisements running all day long fighting against the rapid change. I just heard another advertisement as I was writing that sentence, now that is irony. Those are the types of sad last ditch resorts that happen when it is already too late. You and I know that change is inevitable. Let’s get ahead of the problem instead of getting caught off guard. I decided I wanted to start up a side gig publishing digital and physical books during my spare time. It is something entirely different than my full time job that I had no experience in when starting. This side gig will certainly take some time to get working correctly. I know of a lot of people selling on Amazon FBA. The biosphere is a great place to learn how the internet works (just look at what I’m doing and what you are reading). People with retail shops making that transition to selling online. Those newspapers turning into online articles. There’s so many things that can be done. Don’t be intimidated by the change. Some of the best opportunities come out of transitions like this. If you’re interested in Kindle Publishing like me, keep an eye on this blog. I write a lot about my experiences and lessons in the field as I get deeper and deeper into the subject matter. What jobs can you think of that require an irreplaceable human element? Can you think of any other side hustles that keep up with the times? Let me know in the comments down below or on my social media!


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