Three Shocking Tips On Hiring and Working With Artists

It’s about that time of the book creation process where I hire an artist. In fact, I’ll be on the prowl for one during the next couple days. I love the whole process of putting the book together, but I especially love the artistic aspects of it. The cover is what draws the customers in, so it in turn requires that much more attention. If you landed on this page, you’re probably wondering, “ZHanny how do I make sure that I get what I want from an artist?”. No need to fret young one. Today I am going to provide you with three solid tips on how to do just that. Let’s just jump right into the good stuff.

  1. Look through examples of your potential artist’s products. Yes, that artist is only selling their work for five dollars but is it really what you want? Everyone has their own style. Everyone. That’s the beauty of this stuff. You can hire an artist to create something they’re unfamiliar with and get something passable or you can hire one that’s an expert and get something mind blowing. The level of accurate detail is going to be significantly better with someone who is familiar (here’s a couple of examples) with ships or human anatomy compared to an individual who’s only ever painted sunsets and rainbows.
  2. Have several examples of art that you like on hand. Artists have a tough job. Like really tough. Everybody’s taste in art is just a little bit different. Most experts in that field are used to taking requests to suit your needs. It’s one thing to tell them what you want, but nothing expresses it more clearly than their trained eyes looking over examples of what you are talking about. An example of what you like says a thousand words compared to a mediocre short email. Which already brings us into topic number three.
  3. Actually talk over the phone or video chat with your artist. So, you’ve sent over some examples of what you are looking for in a great book cover, back, and spine. Good job! Now what do you like about those examples that you’ve sent? What don’t you like about them? Talk to your artist about these things. This opens the door to them asking you questions that you would have never thought of. There are many layers (quite literally- Photoshop pun for the artists reading this) to the process of creating great art. Their questions to you manipulate the building blocks of how they create the final product. Answer honestly with the end vision in mind.

Here’s another topic that I could go on and on all day about. I’ll have to re-visit the topic again in the future. So what to you think? Do you have any advice on how to hire the best artists? If you are an artist, are there any questions that you wish got asked? Let me know in the comments down below or on my social media!

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